Charcoal is made by heating wood, commonly silver birch, beech or poplar trees. The partly burnt wood is very hard. In orthodox medicine it is still used as tablets for flatulence in the lower intestine.

Trituration of the dried substance (ashes – charcoal, carbon) provides the basis of the tincture. (Think of it as the state after the fire has burnt out all the energy – animals are usually sluggish & cold, exhausted.)  They may desire air or sit in a draft (as if wanting to fan the flames to find the last bit of fire). Collapse is common. Lack of oxygen at birth. Air hunger.

Carbo veg acts mainly on the physical level  – can revive patients even from the death bed; it restores the vital force .  It can dramatically restore the consciousness of the patient;  known as the ‘corpse reviver’.

it is the first remedy to be though of in cases of fainting in the acute phase.

On the mental/emotional levels there may be great indifference and apathy.

The fatigue that comes with the apathy makes the animal weak, even the vital force seems weak. The weakness may develop slowly due to liver, heart or lungs pathology or as a consequence of a serious infection such as pneumonia.

Carbo veg is one of the best remedies in cardiac cases producing congestive heart failure.

Two distinct characteristics often accompany the Carbo veg state :

1.   Air hunger – makes the patient wants fresh cool air, despite the chilliness of the patient.

  • Weak digestion causing bloating, indigestion, flatulence and eructation; the Carbo veg cardiac or pulmonary cases typify this

Mainly given for exhaustion, weakness and low vitality that follows illness or an operation.

Shock – especially post-op where the skin feels cold. WEAK, COLD, BLUE, COLLAPSE. The patient is chilly but worse for warmth so resist the temptation to cover this animal. Patient may also feel worse from lying down, despite the weakness and exhaustion.

Other Uses:

Eyes –   Agglutination of eyelids after sleep

Respiratory  –   Nasal discharge & bleeding. Haemorrhage from lungs. Yellow expectoration. Asthmatic wheezing in older subjects. Spasmodic coughing (as in whooping cough), with chocking, gagging, vomiting of mucus. Lungs are weak and asthmatic, cardiac or emphysematous dyspnoea results.

Digestive System –  Flatulent colic with rumbling of flatus in severe cases. Tremendous bloating & indigestion. Abdominal discomfort after eating with tympany (drum-like) & tenderness over stomach. Poor digestion (animals don’t have enough energy to digest foods)

Limbs –  Heaviness of movement with stiffness of limbs & joints. General lack of muscular energy.

Skin – Small haemorrhages from superficial veins.Skin cold with animal disposed to scratch vigorously.

Cardiac –  Pulse small, thready & weak. Cyanosis, advanced cardiac failure.


Shock & collapse.

Flatulent colic.

Venous pulmonary congestion. 

Poor digestion.

Carbo veg can be found in our White Tui emergency remedy – First Aid Assist

A Case Study:

Whakamaramara was always just the right distance from the city but this night the journey seemed achingly long as she steered the car carefully, measuring each bend; she felt like an ambulance driver with a critically ill patient on board. Well, she was, wasn’t she? Her beloved bitch lay along the back seat, her tired pregnant belly supported with old cushions and blankets.

It was approaching midnight.  The veterinary clinic staff was expecting her.

The vet nurse swung the newborn pup in an arc through the air – still it had not taken its first breath of life. Seven other pups lay lifeless on the baby-soft towelling.

The vet glanced over his mask from the operating table “How’re the pups”?

The nurse shook her head.

I had been asked to come in and assist but as I raced out the door I had reached for a little bottle. I had discreetly tucked it away in my pocket, just in case…

 Some people say it’s only water but I know it as Carbo Veg, the homeopathic ‘corpse reviver’.

The last of the pups delivered, all motionless.  The nurse opened the body bag.

“May I just try something”?

A few drops on death-like lips, another few drop, a flicker of life.

The vet, intent on his work under the harsh surgical light, never saw the miracle.

Four milk-swollen nipples now had hungry mouths waiting. Four squirming mewing pups to greet mother when she woke.